We believe that every community should have a “well”. In communites that don't have running water the well was not simply a place to get water, but a place for social interaction. Everyone from the community— regardless of socioeconomic status or race—came to the well to connect with one another, and gather the resources they needed to live.


The Well Community Development Corporation

647 East Market Street

Akron, OH 44304

(330) 815-1062



Compass Coffee

647 East Market Street

Akron, OH 44304

(330) 815-1285



Mason Park Community Center

700 East Exchange Street

Akron, OH 44306

(330) 375-2821


Jewett Street Park

North End of Jewett Street


The W.O.M.B.

915 East Market Street

Akron, OH 44305

(234) 206-1894



OASIS Outreach Opportunity Inc.

847 Crouse Street

Akron, OH 44306

(330) 715-4477