Connections & Relationships

flourishing communities begin when you know the people live, work, and play around. We want to do everything we can to help our neighbors connect and develop last relationships.

Individuals who have deep lasting relationships, care about their neighborhood. We partner with several organization to help create spaces were the people who live, work, and/or play in our community can connect with the people they pass every day.


We want to create environments in our community where people can naturally connect with the people they live, work, and play around.

Thriving communities have "wells". In communities without running water the well was not just a place for water collection, but a place for social connection. We want to advocate for the places in our community that our neighbors can connect.

Asset Development

We will work to see the physical and social assets in our community thrive, we want to see development of what's currently here.

Step on is identifying the assets and step two is mobilizing the assets. In urban communities blight becomes second nature. We want to see the residential lots, the store front, and the vacant land be purposed to community use.